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I’m a realtor and decided to give McKay a shot at helping two of my clients. He was beyond AMAZING. Usually, I need to follow up a ton of times with the loan officer, taking away from my time and my clients. He was proactive and because he used to be an underwriter, he knew exactly what to do and my two clients were able to close before year end, which mattered to them because 1. The potential tax benefits, 2. They were totally excited, and 3. One was a teacher and it was during Winter Break. I’ve also referred him to two of my best friends for refinance. One friend who has already had her loan refinanced, was not only able to save money due tot he refinance, McKay pointed out how she wasn’t taking advantage of a program that her loan was currently in AND he assisted in getting her student loan taken care of. This has put her way ahead and where she was renting out a room in her unit, she now can afford to live there on her own. McKay produces amazing results because he is proactive, cares so much, and is methodical in how he delivers things… very calm and doesn’t get riled up. I love how he presents things in a manner that is very easy to understand and is very conservative. I have no hesitation on using McKay for all my clients in the future. He figures things out and always thinks of a way to solve problems.Caron Ling, List Sotheby's International Realty

I must admit when we got our original mortgage 3 years ago, that broker didn’t explain half of what McKay did and I really didn’t understand. I just knew we needed the mortgage and “sign here, sign there”. This time, with McKay’s help, I knew what I was signing. The most important part of working with McKay was that he would always call back or text back very quickly. That made me know that we were important clients to him. It was a pleasure dealing with him and I would definitely recommend everyone to call him!Karen M.

Have purchased and financed (and refinanced) more than a few home loans over the past 20 years. Usually we use a family broker in Los Angeles (who is ok), but the last few transactions have been here. I can easily say McKay was the best broker we have dealt with. A great communicator, smart, and very organized. He always gave a great overview of what to expect, step by step instructions, and “heads up” and on and what types of additional documentation might be requested. Because of this, and the ease of their electronic documentation processing, made the process fast and painless. And, while quick with emails and the like, he knew exactly when the best thing to do was to simply pick up a phone and talk to someone. I look forward to working with McKay on all of our transactions from this point forward. ONE OF THE BEST!Connie H.

Recently signed loan docs for a new condo and will be getting the keys soon. Unlike financial institutions, as a broker, Mckay is able to shop around for the best rates and find a loan program that suits my needs. As a result, he was able to find me a great rate and a fast mortgage lender. He also found first-time homebuyer options and made it easy to apply for a loan.

Throughout the loan application process, Mckay took the time to explain different loan programs and helped me weigh the pros/cons of each option. He also provided very detailed instructions on what to provide the lender so that the loan process could continue without delay. If I ever had a question or concern, McKay was quick to respond and provided a clear, detailed answer.

Overall, a really positive experience and highly recommended!Amara E.

In the end he lowered my interest to 3.5%. I’m saving about $230 per month because of him, and had no closing costs. In fact I ended up getting a couple thousand back. All around this was a great, hassle-free experience! Thanks McKay!Dane C.

I’ve purchased & refinanced real estate numerous times and McKay is by far one of the most organized, timely, personable and efficient mortgage brokers I’ve ever worked with. In addition to providing me the most competitive rate, he was a pleasure to work with. I will absolutely work with him again and recommend him to friends/family.Andrea G.

McKay was instrumental on our new condo purchase. The developer made the process more cumbersome than anticipated, but my wife and I felt the transaction was seamless thanks to the knowledge and proactive approach taken by McKay. We will definitely be calling on McKay to handle our future mortgage related transactions.Dylan N.

Wow, I only wish I could give McKay more than 5 stars because he certainly deserves it! …We actually ended up closing earlier than expected too! I cannot thank McKay enough for all the work and help he has done for us. Highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend him if you want the job done right! Thank you McKay!Traci C.

It was great working with McKay for my refinance. Being in the mortgage business myself, McKay definitely provided the best rates/pricing. He was also very quick to respond to emails and was very easy to work with. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends!Ruby N.