Our Lender Partners

Chances are you recognize some of the companies above. Others, you have not heard of. We are partnered with over 80 different local and national lenders to find the best loan at the best price, period. We use our expertise to determine what kind of loan program and loan structure is best for you, then we instantly compare your loan amongst our lender partners. When you have multiple options, you win.

Mortgage brokers are often referred to as “mom and pop” mortgage operations. That is because the average mortgage brokerage is very small, having only one, or just a few, originators. But C2 Financial is not your typical mortgage broker and it’s a place where the words “mom and pop” do not apply. With more than 500 originators closing well over $1 billion in loans annually, C2 Financial is one among the largest mortgage brokers in the U.S. This is why our lender partners offer us preferred pricing, which results in savings for you.

No lender is going to be the best in every scenario. It’s just not possible. Imagine sitting down on your own with each lender, trying to make sense of their offer, and trying to compare that against the rest. It’s difficult to do even if you understand finance. Let us leverage our expertise, technology, and relationships with our lender partners to provide you the best possible price and experience.

Premium pricing combined with the ability to instantly search rates from over 80 lenders ensures that we are getting our clients an exceptional rate each time.

Our Processors

Many people cringe when they think of having to go through the mortgage loan process. We have worked hard to create the smoothest customer experience possible.

  • We have assembled a team of some of the best processors in the country with the sole job of pushing loans to closing as quick as possible.
  • Almost all the initial documents are sent via DocuSign, and conditions can be securely uploaded to protect sensitive information.
  • We also understand that sometimes buyers need to meet face to face. That’s why we have a conveniently located Downtown office where clients can meet.
  • Clients can sign loan documents at the most conveniently located escrow office. Or, they can utilize a mobile notary to sign in the comfort of their own home.

How Can A Broker Add Value For You?